Alben was established in 2005 to supply components for elevators. Having been founded by experienced engineers, Alben adopted the policy to provide the best quality for the reasonable price. Strongly clinging to integrity and customer satisfaction, Alben gained trust all around the world.

With its growing customers and reputation, Alben is here for:

All Your Needs for Elevators...

In our world technology is changing at an incredible pace. Accessing information or suppliers is now as easy as touching a few keys on a computer or just picking up a smartphone. Ability to find equivalent products this easily tremendously increased the competition which brought its pros and cons together. Although it is good to have alternatives, because of the risks the reliability and trustworthiness have become more and more important.

Alben built this trust by serving its customers with its principles & values; integrity, customer orientation, quality, creativity, reliability and respect. We are sure that we will continue to be appreciated by our customers as well as our business partners for the way we work.

DigiPara Liftdesigner We use DigiPara Liftdesigner for elevator drawings