Controller card for basic controller systems

Number of Stops 8 Control Type Simple Control
Drive Type TSingle Speed /
Double Speed
Group Control N/A
N/A Maximum Elevator
1 m/sec
Cabin Position
Magnetic Switch Automatic Door
Single Door
Door Bridging N/A Display Output 7-Segment
Input / Output
N/A Error Record N/A
Language Options Turkish Compliance with Standards EN 81-1
  • User Control
    • All system parameters can be adjusted by the user with 3 buttons and digital display on the card.
  • 7 Segment Indicator
    • 7-segment display indicating the stop found in normal operation, warning with relevant error code in case of error.
  • Signal Outputs
    • Signal outputs for fire, earthquake, overload, homeland key functions, direction arrows, cabin lights, busy, out of service and automatic door card.
  • Floor Names
    • Separate alphanumeric floor names for each stop.
  • Short-circuit Protection
    • Short-circuit protected digital and signal outputs.
  • An economical and practical solution for retrofitting and repairing control panels of old elevators.
  • Counter system information method with magnetic switches for cabin position information.