Controller card for elevators with ropes and hydraulic elevators that are suitable with En81-20

Number of Stops 64 Control Type Full collective, Up or
Down Collective
Drive Type Hydraulic, VVVF Group Control 8
With floor and cabin Maximum Elevator
2.5 m/sec
Cabin Position
Magnetic Switch, Encoder System Automatic Door
Single Door, Double Door
Door Bridging Available Display Output 7 Segment,
Gray/Binary Code
Input / Output
20 Inputs/8 Outputs (4PR + 4PT) Error Record Up to 100 Faults
Language Options Turkish, English
(Additional Language
Option with Arem)
Compliance with Standards EN 81/1-2/20+A3
  • Door Bridging
    • With internal door bridging relays; early door opening and door open level renovation.
  • Internal Relays
    • Internal relays for switching between mains and emergency supply (two contactors must be used).
  • Safety Circuit
    • 48 -230VAC safety circuit voltage.
  • Hand Terminal Support
    • 4ARCODE handheld terminal compatible with AREM user friendly multi-language color TFT screen CANopen any point on the system can be controlled.
  • Short Stay Travel
    • Digital well training / Short-stay travel without additional setup and equipment (additional adjustment required).
  • Ease of Use
    • All parameter settings can be made via card via LCD screen.
  • Rapidity
    • Door opening and quick start.
  • LCD display,
  • Explanatory menu without abbreviation and code
  • Access to any menu via the hand-held terminal via CANbus
  • Record errors together with the date, time and stop number
  • Can control system from any point on CANbus
  • Easy error detection
  • Rapid and reliable update of all units at once with AREM
  • Ability to work with all ARCODE systems
  • SD Card makes it easy to load system parameters, back up, or transfer for easy and fast setup
  • APhase sequence motor protection circuit, Controls supply system problem, monitors motor temperature
  • Emergency rescue function available
  • Communication compatibility with ArcLift
  • Serial communication with ARKEL ADrive via RS485 line
  • Compatible with all ARCODE peripherals